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February 21-23, 2020
Kick-off meeting
The first transnational meeting (kick-off meeting) of the 30-month long Erasmus + project was held in Milan (Italy) together with the representatives of the 5 partner organizations
February 21-23, 2020
February 1, 2020 - August 31, 2020
The first action of the project was the research and selection of existing Athlete profiles for empowerment as Coaches and Trainers in the context of Pentathlon programmes for young people and adults in all partner countries. The Athletes have been amateurs in one of the disciplines composing the practice of Pentathlon, interested in developing into Pentathlon Coaches/Trainers as an opportunity to increase their skill set as Trainers and acquiring new opportunities of Dual Careers.

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February 1, 2020 - August 31, 2020
Production of a Training Format
For the empowerment of Pentathlon Coaching/Training profiles by means of a combination of good practice research, identification of needs and inputs by selected Athletes in the context of local workshops. It empowers Dual Career prospects in Athletes as well as, through its indirect impact on a wide category of targets (from young people to adults), as an instrument to achieve a positive change in rates of physical activity and participation in Sport, thereby enhancing physical and mental fitness of individuals. The final phase of the training has been a production of guidelines for the upcoming testing of the Training format (local training courses with Athletes). The Guidelines will serve the purposes of providing a general model for the testing phase in a way to avoid any variance not determined by objective (i.e. external) local/country-specific conditions. They will contribute to enabling the testing phase to provide unbiased results.
from September 2021
Training Courses for Athletes
Will be a first step of testing the developed profiles (Coach/Trainer) as well as initiate the pathway to validation (local piloting programs). The Training Format has been tested in a series of Training Courses at the local level (each partner’s facilities) involving a group of Athletes in individual Pentathlon disciplines (5 Athletes per country). The Athletes will be aged 18-30 and interested in developing as Pentathlon Coaches/Trainers in a perspective of Dual Career and promotion of physical as well as mental wellbeing of the youth. The total duration of the local training courses was 7 days and implementation has included teambuilding sessions, introduction to the training format, evaluation of the Training Format, preparation of the upcoming Local Piloting Programs for young people and adults and more.
from September 2021
from September 2021
Local workshops
Local workshops of Pentathlon practice with a target of young people and adults in gender-mixed and gender balanced groups. The workshops have takens place in each partner country with an audience of 30 young people aged 18-30 and 30 adults aged 31-55 per country.
from September 2021
December 2021
Transnational meeting 2
On December the 2021 in Tallin (Estonia) the representatives of the partner organizations gathered in order to plan the development of the Intellectual Outputs n° 2 and n° 3
December 2021
The creation of a Manual has been produced based on the outcomes of local training courses and local activities. It is a resource supporting Sport organizations and non-Sport stakeholder entities (educational institutions, NGOs, VETs) with indications- methodological and practical- for the validation of Pentathlon Coaches and Trainers profiles developed in accordance with project methodologies. The production of the Manual has been coordinated by MVNGO, directing the work of all the partners.
Online platform with online learning modules and simulations of online exercises for an audience of prospective Coaches and Trainers in Pentathlon, comprised of exercises and simulations. The Platform is compounded and connected to a specific APP for the measurement of performance and progress in the programme of learning.
Multiplier Sport Events
The Multiplier Sport Events have been organized at the level of each partner country as a last stage of the project. The Multipliers, in addition to being an avenue for disseminating project Intellectual Outputs, also integrated the visibility of the learning outcomes achieved by participants towards an audience of stakeholders. Presentation of Outputs have also embed a practical demonstration of the functionalities of project Platform, modules and APP. In a perspective of Sustainability, each Conference have been concluded by an open discussion wherein partners and represented stakeholders will explore the opportunities for future follow-up on a local and European dimensions.

Zagreb (Croatia) / May 2022
Milan (Italy) / June 2022
Volos (Greece) / June 2022
Sofia (Bulgaria) / June 2022
Tallin (Estonia/ / June 2022
May 19th 2022
Final Evaluation Meeting
On May 19th 2022, Volos (Greece) the Consortium gathered to evaluate the progress of the project and finalize the Intellectual Outputs of the project. An important focus was on sustainability and continuation of the project, supported by all the partner organizations.
May 19th 2022

kick-off meeting

#EHPRAP Research

Mainor (Estonia) / Mach 2022

Sofia (Bulgaria) / November 2021

Volos (Greece) / October 2021

Zagreb (Croatia) / September 2021

Modena (Italy) / September 2021

Sofia (Bulgaria) / June 2022

Tallin (Estonia) / August 2021

Athens (Greece) / November 2021

Modena (Italy) / November 2021

Zagreb (Croatia) / September 2021

Transnational meting 2

Milano (Italia) / June 2022

Sofia (Bulgaria) / June 2022

Tallin (Estonia) / June 2022

Volos (Grecia) June 2022

Zagreb (Croazia) / May 2022

Final meeting

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